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Five essentials to pack for your child’s first term at uni: a parent’s guide to what to expect

In case anyone else out there has a son or daughter still to drive to uni, here’s my take on the great ‘what to bring’ debate – an issue that so many parents and freshers grapple with at the start … Continue reading

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Animals do the funniest things

I spent an engaging afternoon in the company of a weasel named Fidget, who, as his name suggests, barely kept still. I was meant to be interviewing his keeper, the Yorkshire wildlife artist Robert E Fuller, but it wasn’t easy to … Continue reading

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Step-Family Adjustments

From Cinderalla to Snow White, the mantel of wicked stepmother is notoriously difficult to shift. But what is it like to be on the opposite side of the step-family scales? How does a mother manage to share her children with … Continue reading

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Interpreting Birdsong

Spent a fascinating morning with an ornithologist learning to recognise birds by their song. I learned some incredible things. Did you know, for instance, that birds have regional accents? That a Russian chaffinch pipes a different tune to a British … Continue reading

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Wild at Heart

Gone are the days when being a child meant running wild outside and getting muddy. Now children are kept close, clean and safe on the sofa. But as the nation despairs at how the next generation is losing touch with … Continue reading

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A lesson in rural life with an Earl, Yorkshire Post, July 2013

Read my feature on the Earl of Halifax’s lessons in rural life, published in The Yorkshire Post on July 8th 2013.

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Teaching children country ways Forget about teaching inner city kids countryside ways, country kids need lessons too. My latest feature in The Yorkshire Post

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