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Five essentials to pack for your child’s first term at uni: a parent’s guide to what to expect

In case anyone else out there has a son or daughter still to drive to uni, here’s my take on the great ‘what to bring’ debate – an issue that so many parents and freshers grapple with at the start … Continue reading

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Searching for Treasure in The Seychelles

A holiday in The Seychelles suggests languid white beaches, lapping blue seas and nothing more taxing than an airport novella to occupy you. But life on this tiny stretch of paradise hasn’t always been plain sailing. This summer I took … Continue reading

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Doing Bird: How Birds of Prey are Helping to Reform Teenage Prisoners

CAGES AND PRISON WINGS: Chained to a post by one scaly black leg, a Russian steppe eagle lunges at its shackles. Its wings flail against a skyline punctuated by rolls of razor wire. Ken, 18, is in sole charge of … Continue reading

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Tribal elders parlee for peace 

Wildlife conservationists in northern Kenya have brokered a temporary peace agreement with tribal elders following a spate of armed incursions in the region.  The move comes as the British High Commission issued a travel warning to tourists visiting the Laikipia … Continue reading

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Armed herdsmen attack Kenyan tourist camps

Unrest in northern Kenya has spread to cattle ranches that support sustainable wildlife tourist camps. Armed herdsmen have been marauding through this region in their 1,000s, burning property, shooting at farmers and tourists, raiding cattle and slaughtering elephant and zebra. … Continue reading

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Animals do the funniest things

I spent an engaging afternoon in the company of a weasel named Fidget, who, as his name suggests, barely kept still. I was meant to be interviewing his keeper, the Yorkshire wildlife artist Robert E Fuller, but it wasn’t easy to … Continue reading

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Step-Family Adjustments

From Cinderalla to Snow White, the mantel of wicked stepmother is notoriously difficult to shift. But what is it like to be on the opposite side of the step-family scales? How does a mother manage to share her children with … Continue reading

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